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1.Technical Documents

Technical Documents

Online documentation and software for your Blue-Quail Technology products can be downloaded free of charge with Blue-Quail Technology service agreements.

Our searchable database includes hundreds of manuals and software details, conveniently organised so you can find the technical information you need immediately.

Blue-Quail Technology owns the intellectual property rights to all Blue-Quail Technology products software, manuals and other documents.

Material may refer to, or include, information protected by copyright or patents and does not convey any license under patent rights or copyright of Blue-Quail Technology, and/or of others. Blue-Quail Technology intends to maintain the contents of all material as confidential information.

Disclosure of any information in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Blue-Quail Technology is strictly forbidden.

Release, amendment, reproduction, distribution, rental, adaptation, translation or any other derivative work of any material in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Blue-Quail Technology is strictly forbidden.

2.Training centre

Training centre

Training and skills development have become essential ingredients in ensuring the efficiency of service staff. Our mission at Blue-Quail Technology Service Education is to give our distributors the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed in order to optimise equipment maintenance, repair, and end-user support.

Our service training can be offered in English, French, Spanish, and in many cases, other European languages as well. Contact your regional co-ordinator via “contact us” for information. Course Format

Classroom Training
Blue-Quail Technology® service department provides face-to-face training, which is free of charge to distributors at Headquarter and overseas offices every month. This includes clinical applications, products and features, technical service and our company process.
Technical news, latest software, technique upgrade and repair experience will also be provided during the training process.

On-site Training
Blue-Quail Technology® onsite training takes place at end-user’s sites with annual, world-wide visits.

Blue-Quail Technology Technical is our company’s on-line training system for products, including basic products and features, and maintenance techniques.

3.Service Solutions


With global service network, Blue-Quail Technology® provides comprehensive service solutions to our customers timely and efficiently, including technical support, spare parts support, training, field service, upgrade, warranty extension, service contract and on demand service.

Technical Support
Blue-Quail Technology® service representative provides technical support regarding application and breakdown calls to customers and distributors via phone, mail, orally, or by any means during the entire life cycle of instruments sold by Blue-Quail Technology®

Spare Parts Support
Blue-Quail Technology® and its subsidiaries have enough spare parts inventory for all products for at least 5 years after production is officially stopped

Blue-Quail Technology® and its subsidiaries provide different levels of training to customers, distributors and service partners including marketing, operation, application and troubleshooting, etc. We have various types of course: web-based, on-site or internal, scheduled and on demand.

Field Service
Blue-Quail Technology® service representatives provide preventive maintenance, calibration, breakdown repair and other field services on request.
*Field service may be provided by authorized Blue-Quail Technology service providers. The type of field services provided in different regions may vary according to local service providers.

Blue-Quail Technology® has various upgrade solutions as an added-value service to meet customer’s requirements for function, application or performance.
*Upgrade may not be applicable for some models.

Warranty Extension
Blue-Quail Technology® offers a warranty extension program to distributors to help control service costs and share risk of investment.
*Warranty extension program may not be applicable for some models or modules. Regarding price and other detailed information, please contact the Blue-Quail Technology international service department or local subsidiary.

Warranty Obligation
. Blue-Quail Technology’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replace any main units or parts free from all defects or deficiency in design, material, workmanship.
. For Distribute, free maintenance is limited to replace parts free charge.
. For Direct sale, free maintenance mean that replace parts free or repair parts returned from customer free or free-site repair.
. The warranty period of replace parts under warranty lasts only to the warranty period of original main unit. The warranty period of replace accessories under warranty lasts only to the warranty period of original accessories .

Warranty Exemptions
Blue-Quail Technology’s obligation or liability under this warranty does not include any transportation or other charges or liability for direct, indirect or consequential damages or delay resulting from the improper use or application of the product or the use of parts or accessories not approved by Blue-Quail Technology or repairs by people other than Blue-Quail Technology authorized personnel.

This warranty shall not extend to:
. Malfunction or damage caused by improper use or man-made failure.
. Malfunction or damage caused by unstable or out-of-range power input.
. Malfunction or damage caused by force majeure such as fire and earthquake.
. Malfunction or damage caused by improper operation or repair by unqualified or unauthorized service people.
. Malfunction or damage caused by use of parts or accessories not approved by Blue-Quail technology 。
. Malfunction of the instrument or part whose serial number is not legible enough.
. Others not caused by instrument or part itself.

Service Contract
Blue-Quail Technology® and its subsidiaries offer a multiform service contract to customers. Please contact your local subsidiary for details.

On Demand Service
Blue-Quail Technology® and its subsidiaries provide an on demand service to customers and distributors by agreement.

4.Product Registration


Blue-Quail Technology warrants to the original equipment purchaser of this product, the equipment will be free from defects or deficiency in design, material, and workmanship for a period set forth below, provided that customer has completed and fed back the Product Registration Card.

To obtain service under warranty, contact the Distributor from which you originally purchased this product. If the performance issue is not handled to your satisfaction, please contact Blue-Quail Technology Customer Service. If you have a specific contract with Blue-Quail Technology, contact Blue-Quail Technology Customer Service directly.

Blue-Quail Technology’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replace, at Blue-Quail Technology’s option, any parts returned from the purchaser.

Blue-Quail Technology will not be responsible for any incidental, special, or consequential loss(es), damage(s), or expense directly or indirectly arising from the use of this product.

The warranty shall become null and void for any equipment that:

  1. has been subjected to misuse, negligence, abuse, accident or force majeure;
  2. has been impaired by modification or repaired by anyone other than Blue-Quail Technology Service Representative or an authorized Blue-Quail Technology representative;
  3. has had the original Blue-Quail Technology serial number label or product identification markings altered or removed;
  4. has had any non-standard accessory attachments affixed, or modifications made.

Thank you for purchasing Blue-Quail Technology products.

5.Services Network

Services Network

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