Full Digital Colour Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment K18

Advanced TechnologyFull-Digital-Colour-Doppler-Ultrasound-Diagnostic-Equipment-K18-

New Generation Full Digital Beam

Dynamic Filter, Dynamic Focus in real time

Intelligent Gain Control

Dynamic Weighing, parallel/serial summation, High-beam parallel Processing system

  • Ergonomic operation interface
  • Broadband and high gradient band-pass filtering
  • Dual-image comparison display technology in time
  • auto trace (spectrum auto tracing measurement
  • Intelligent built-in workstation system
  • Composite image coding gain control technique
  • I Beam TM intelligent space imaging technology
  • Fine tissue optimization imaging technology
  • I Clear intelligent speckle noise restraining technology
  • Accurate control technology of transmitting (TSF)
  • I Zoom TM undistorted full screen image
  • Free Xros M
  • Intelligent built-in workstation system
  • I roam TM
  • iTouch (present)

Advanced Technology

  • New generation full Digital Beam Forming Technology
  • Dynamic Filter, Dynamic Focus in real time
  • Intelligent gain control
  • Dynamic Weighting, parallel/Serial summation, Multi-beam parallel Processing system

Ergonomic design

  • High resolution medical LED monitor reduces visual fatigue
  • Ergonomic operation interface takes comfortable experience
  • Built-in-Lion battery (optional) and backlit keyboard
  • Abundant Peripheral (such as USB<DICOM<VGA port, etc )
  • Clamshell design, compact construction and smart appearance

Display mode B,2B,4B, B/M, B/C, B/C/D,BD,PW,B/PW,CF,DUPLEX/TRIPLEX

Image processing Technology

  • Tissue Harmonic image
  • Multi-signal parallel processing,
  • image optimization Technology,
  • TSF,
  • I Roam TM


Abdomen, GYN & OB, Urology, Vessel, Andrology, Small Parts, Cardiology, Artery, superficial organ, Orthopaedic, obstetrics, paediatrics

Standard Configuration

Main unit, 12 inch LED monitor, 3.5 MHz convex, &.5 MHz linear Probe, 2 Probe connectors,2 USB ports

Hard Disk


6.5 MHz Transvaginal probe, 3.5 MHz micro-convex probe ,3.5 MHz Phased array probe, 4D Volume probe, DICOM 3.0, Video Printer, Laser printer, Biopsy