BQ-600 Handheld ultrasound scanner (For Animals)


Handheld ultrasound scanner full digital beam forming (DBF); full digital dynamic receives focusing (DRF); frequency conversion; 8 segments TGC; dynamic digital filtering; Supernormal battery life 1-3 hours line correlation, frame correlation, point correlation, linear interpolation and many other image processing technology, etc

Main Functions

Size: 31.7*16.4*4.7cm
Weight: 1.35kg
Display size: 6.5 inch LED displayer
Display modes: B, B/B, 4B, B+M, M;
Dynamic range: 60~120dB adjustable.
Focus position: dynamic electron focusing.
Gray scale: 256 levels
Kinds of body marks
Full-screen character annotation;
Real-time clock display;
Frequency conversion: 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz five periods of frequency conversion; frequency range applies 5.5 MHz/6.0 MHz/6.5 MHz/7.0 MHz/7.5MHz can match high frequency probe.
Measuring function: Distance, circumference/area (method of ellipse, method of loci), volume, heart rate, gestational weeks (BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HL, OFD, TTD, AC), expected date of confinement and foetus weight, etc.
Annotation function: hospital name, patient’s name, age and gender;
Puncture guide: 3.5MHz convex array probe can display puncture guide line in B mode.
Gain control: 8 segments TGC and overall gain can be adjusted respectively.
Image polarity: left and right flip, up and down flip.
Capacity cine loop: real time display 256 consecutive images which are memorized successively
Image playback: series playback or check one by one
Permanent storage: 128 images
Output interface: USB port

Standard Configurations
One host machine;
One convex array probe: F=3.5MHz;
One power adapter.
USB port

Option Configurations
6.5MHz/R13 Micro-convex array probe,
7.5MHz/L40 Linear probe.