BQ-3101A-Portable-ultrasound-scannerDW3101A is high resolution linear/convex ultrasound scanner. It adopts micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming (DBF), real time dynamic aperture (RDA), real time dynamic receiving anodization, real time dynamic receiving focusing (DRF), digital frequency scan (DFS), frame correlation technologies. The device is suitable for ultrasonic examination on abdominal and pelvic cavity organs.

Technical Specifications:

10.4″ high resolution CRT monitor, line by line scanning without sparkle.

Double probe sockets, automatically identify the probe, support several optional probes.

Display mode: B、2B、4B 、B/M、M, total 5 kinds.

Maximum display depth is 242mm.

Dynamic range:0~100dB, visible & adjustable

Intelligent TGC control: 8 grades.

127 frames permanent storage, 256 frames cine loop.

Light touch keyboard, photoelectric trackball and encoder, easy to operate.

Video output: connecting to thermal printer and ultrasonic working station.

VGA output: connecting to colour display

General measurement: distance、perimeter , area , volume, heart rate, GA, etc.

Gynaecology measurement and analysis: gynaecology general measurement and gynaecology report.

Urology measurement and analysis: residual urine volume, prostate volume, and urology report.

Note: ID, gender, age, hospital, doctor, comment, date, time, etc.


Main unit: 1 pc.

10.4″ high resolution CRT monitor.

Double probe sockets, automatically identify probe technology.

3.5MHz multi-frequency(2.5-5.0MHz) abdomen convex probe

7.5MHz linear probe (6.5MHz~8.5MHz)

6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe (5.5~7.5MHz)

7.5MHz rectal probe (6.5MHz~8.5MHz)


Thermal/Video printer, laser printer, jet printer

Colour LCD monitor

USB port