Who We Are

“We plume ourselves with offering unparalleled innovation, efficient distribution and industry standard service of both Consumer and Medical Electronics.”

Blue-Quail Technology® differentiates itself as an innovative and progressive Company with an experienced leadership and workforce that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in order to maintain a position as a leading multinational Consumer and Medical electronics company.

Exceptional entrepreneurship is the art of creating innovative and profitable businesses that poses the economic right to exist irrespective of the economic climate. Blue-Quail Technology® is a product of such an entrepreneurial venture, founded and masterminded by Rendani Mulaudzi.

About Us

We are a proudly South African Brand that is strategically positioned to cater for the country and Internationally, by supply quality consumer and medical electronics, while empowering black communities through job creation and skill development.


To service our customers through the supply of quality Electronics devices and medical electronics products, ensuring our dominance in the industry.


Through consistently delivering high quality products & services while expanding communication and collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure the holistic growth of Consumer and medical electronics industry

Partnering and building strategic and enduring relationships with relevant stakeholders will assist Blue-Quail Technology® on its journey to creating a healthier southern Africa. Moreover, the Company has formed partnerships with Various stake holders as well as Leading electronics companies to develop health and wellness programs Using the best Technology.


  • Consistency – Our standard in service delivery, business ethic and product quality shall without compromise come first.
  • Commitment – Committing to clients request and wishes and going out of our way to deliver. What we say we shall do, our words and actions are one.
  • Humanity – Business does not do business with itself but individuals in the business do business with each other, hence it would be pointless to be in business and lack the qualities of a balanced human being, simply categorized in humanity.
  • Humility – Because we are confident about whom we are, we let others assume superiority while we perfect the art of submission and leadership from all floors of effective dimensions. Thus we always reduce ourselves to the superior word of our clients, prospects and society at large.
  • Respect – We respect everyone all players both inside and outside our organization regardless of calibre, gender, race and power.